This is Timeblur Studio

A Creative Agency with its roots in Deep Sensing, Autonomous Agents, Design Aesthetics and Data Dramatics.

Data is at the core of our Design process. We come on board as Creative strategists and Developers of innovative and novice Data stories with the bespoke solutions.

Our systems are deeply rooted in technologies like Computer Vision, Physical Computing, Web technologies, and Creative Coding. With such tools, we bring forth a new rendition to the Creative New-Media industry like films, brand interactions, music, and architecture to name a few.

At Timeblur Studio, we are building core expertise in fields like Visualised Self, Dynamic Wall Installation, and Audio-Visual. It paves a way to the Future of Wellness, Interior Spaces, Homes, and fun Digital Interactions.



The Discovery Channel

The Creators Project

Vice China

Bangalore Mirror



Tedx All or Nothing, Bangalore

Tedx IBA, Bangalore

ZKM Max Mueller, Mumbai

Hillhacks, Bir



Codame festival, San Francisco

IIT Techfest, Mumbai

IISc Innofest, Bangalore

Magnetic Field, Alsisar Mahal

Mini Maker Faire, Bangalore

Our Offerings

Computer Graphics

Software integration

Data Storytelling

Computer Vision

AI and Art

Experience Design


Natasha Singh

Co-founder and Director

is the Creative Head behind TimeBlur, a Digital Experience Studio. She finished her masters in Communication Design from UAL. Her work has explored art installations with neurofeedback, body kinetics in Yoga, and Generative Culture. As a Design Researcher and Creative programmer, she likes to dwell in the unpredictability of Generative art systems and complexity of nonlinear systems. Through Timeblur, she is pursuing her dreams, to bring Culture Art and Technology together.

Mike Cj

Co-founder and Developer

is a technocrat from Bangalore, with a graduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He works primarily with electronic hardware, Signal Processing and computer graphics, which is applied in interdisciplinary fields such as Music, Software arts and Data Visualization. He loves being in the complexity of computer algorithms to generate beautiful artforms. The passion for making art lead to starting Timeblur Studio

Our Verticals

Web Experience

Retail Experience

On-Site Campaign

Mobile Application

Mixed Reality

New Marketing tools

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